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Pics and Words from Hong Kong

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from Hong Kong so far.

This trip has been good. More jetlag than last time — we weren’t able to run around our first two days like we did before. Instead, on the day we landed at 7:10am, we had a meeting at 1pm.

We’ve eaten very well on this trip. On Friday night we headed into Lan Kwai Fong for Vietnamese food at Indochine 1929. We ordered a set menu (and ended up at the upper end of the price range in that linked review). It was way too much food, but the variety of offerings was great. The butterflied shrimp were amazing, as was the orange duck. Oh, some delightful beef. Anyway, worth checking out — but order off the menu, your wallet will thank you for it.

On Saturday we didn’t get into the city until around 3:30 or 4:00 o’clock. Very lazy going. We met up with Daniel and Jo from Apogee, a local usability firm. They took us to an excellent Sichuan restaurant. Of course, since I was just blindly following, I have no idea the restaurant’s name or place. I just know the fried chickens and chilis was excellent, though lip-numbing.

Chilis, up close

Afterward, we had gelato at XTC on Ice. While their vanilla was excellent, it was the hot chocolate, made with red chilis, that was truly memorable. If someone offered that flavor in San Francisco, the place wouldn’t be able to keep it stocked.

Today was a wander around Central, with dim sum, shopping, markets, and up the escalators.

Probably the most… arresting site was a fish for sale at the market. With it’s heart beating:

The Heart is Still BeatingClick to see on Flickr, with Note

At a store in Langham Place, I spotted this tea cup:

Which, I think, is brilliant. I don’t know what it costs — it was behind locked glass and the store workers weren’t very friendly.

Still haven’t bothered with the Peak — too dreary.

We’ve got a couple more days here. Which means, more eating!

  1. I like the pic of the chili peppers. Sichuanese food is such a pain/pleasure experience. It’s also not too common in SF.

    If you have time, I would suggest going into deeper Kowloon. My friend took me to this underground mall where they sell all the pirated software. They had a counterfeit for every single O’Reilly book. Total cyberpunk scene…
    Also Indian food in Chung King Mansions is damn tasty. You can relive ‘Chung King Express’ moments.

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