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Heading to Ol’ Blighty

From 9 Jan to 17 Jan, we will be visiting London. Staying in Barbican with a friend. Wondering what on earth to do. Not for a lack of things to do — frankly, there’s too much!

If you’re there (or will be) and want to hang out, email me. Would love to hook up with peterme readers.

  1. Some ideas:

    * Outdoor Ice Skating Sesssion, various locations (book in advance)
    * Tate Modern & Tate Britain (with inter-gallery Tate-Tate boat trip)
    * Saatchi Gallery
    * See a film at the IMAX cinema
    * Walk up Primrose Hill
    * Visit the British Museum

  2. Hi Peter

    Are you staying with Nico? (that’s the first person I think of when someone says ‘Barbican’ – so few people live in the ‘City of London’).

    Would love to meet up and discuss the IA of wine ;-)…or accompany you to an interesting London place (of which, as you say, there are many)… or whatever.

    I’m in Southampton 9-10, but otherwise around.

  3. Correct email address/website here. My MS wireless keyboard is really playing silly buggers at the moment – missing letters.

  4. Peter, everyone: if you’re interested, there’s also the UXnet London social meeting.

    Date: Wednesday, 12 January 2005
    Time: 6:30 PM
    Place: Lab
    12 Old Compton Street, near Tottenham Court Road Station Find it with

  5. Hi Peter, Joshua, Louise,

    I’ll be at the UXnet meet on Wednesday, so hopefully see you there. 🙂 otherwise shoot me an email if you guys meet up and I’ll be there.

    Take care,

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