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I feel sick…

What greeted me this morning on the right side of my browser’s home page (

While the presidential numbers are distressing (with Bush getting a significantly higher percentage of the popular vote), it’s actually the Senate that right now disturbs me most. Over the last 4 years, the Senate was the only body politic that was able to keep the administration in check (no matter how little). And I had hoped, HOPED, that, even if Bush were re-elected, the Senate could swing Democrat. And now it’s decidedly moved to the right. And the house continues in that direction as well.

No more significant challenges to presidential edicts.

No significant challenge to judicial appointees.

An increasingly hostile attitude towards already marginalized communities.


  1. Peter:

    Don’t fret too much. Remember: to really strong-arm the Senate, you have to have 60 votes. Be sure that the new Senate minority leader will have party discipline like nobody’s business.

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