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Goodies from Adaptive Path

Just a little post, reminding you all of some things we got going on, and discounts we’re offering for everything.

On July 22nd (that’s next week), the J-J-Geegester does New York Tufte-style with a one-day presentation on The Elements of User Experience. Use the promotion code FOPM and get 15% off!

Next month, the entire Adaptive Path crew ransacks our nation’s capital with User Experience Week, 4 days of tutorials, activities, parties, and field trips. We’ve got some great guest speakers — Christina Wodtke, Doug Bowman, and 37 Signals. We’ve also structured the sessions so that each day has a strong theme, and if the whole week is too much of a commitment, you can sign up for individual days:

  • Day 1: Organizational and Strategic Issues of User Experience
  • Day 2: Interaction and Interface Design
  • Day 3: CMS and Web Standards
  • Day 4: Bringing it all together… and field trip!

Once again, use the promotion code FOPM for 15% off.

Lastly, we’re offering a discount on my first report, How Labels Affect Usability and Branding. Use the coupon code LABELSDEAL and get 15% off all the reports you buy, as long as one of them is “Labels.”