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Why We Love The Internet, #348 in a series

I’m planning a tour of the American Southwest over the next two weeks. Itinerary includes Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest, among others.

So I’m doing searches on that there world wide internet, and come across, a rich site filled with commentary, photography (1950 images!), maps, and all sorts of resources on the area. And it’s well-written, and the pictures are beautiful, as shown here:

And, clicking around, I realize it’s the work of one guy.

I love the internet.

As an information architect, I also have to give it up for his categorization scheme. Arches! Red Rocks!

  1. I think you are right to save Vancouver for another time. You need a hearty rain-filled upbringing to enjoy the calendar’s rollover in these climes. Going south is a much better idea in the winter (as the behaviour of all the Lord’s birds attests).

  2. That is a great itinerary. You will be re-visiting some areas of your 1980 car trip. If you get there, have Stacy take another picture of you standing on the border of four states–23 years later.

  3. The walk up to the Palm Oasis in Anzo Borrego State park is lovely — first dirt, sand, cactus; then a trickle of water and a few green things, a bird here and there; then a small rivulet, a stream, and eventually an oasis in a cleft of the rock. I know there’s a metaphor hiding in the waterfall….

  4. I’ve become convinced that 90% of good things on the internet are each the work of one guy or one gal.

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