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Just What You’ve Always Wanted in Online DVD Rentals

Netflix is the king of online DVD rentals.

But me, I rent with Greencine. And in the last couple of months, Greencine has announced two developments that makes it as good as, if not a better, service than Netflix.

First, they lowered their monthly rate to $19.95. So it now identically matches Netflix.

Second, they’ve introduced porn. Errr, I mean, “Adult.” This is something that Netflix will never do, as CEO Reed Hastings involvement with California public schools pretty much precludes him from being a smut provider.

Both of these, in conjunction with the fact that Greencine stocks more indie, international, and just plain weirder titles, and that it gives a percentage of proceeds to SF Bay Area film organizations, AND it has a friendly and attentive customer service staff, well, it makes staying a Greencine member that much easier.

  1. netflix does offer a $9.95 rate for two dvd’s at a time instead of three, but i think you have to try to quit to get that rate.

    ah, but those “adult” titles…

    when someone finally gets a full stock of titles and offers them *really* cheap… at the touch of a remote control button… a mint will be made. hbo has started the subset offering… who’s going to step up next?

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