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Film Fans Rejoice – Night of the Hunter Mania

(also posted to the Beast Blog, but too good to just leave there…)

This weekend and next week, the Pacific Film Archive has a special treat for film lovers.

On Saturday, July 26th, there’s CHARLES LAUGHTON DIRECTS THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: A PRESENTATION OF OUTTAKES FROM THE FILM. And on July 30th, they’re showing the film in pristine condition.

I had the delight of seeing this presentation last year in Los Angeles, and wrote it about it (with lots of pictures). If that doesn’t encourage you to go, nothing will.

  1. Dammit! You’ve reminded me that I managed to miss this a fortnight ago at the Arts cinema in Glasgow (Scotland). I will wait in hope for it to come out on DVD.

  2. For what it’s worth, copies of my award-winning new book, “Heaven and Hell to Play With: The Filming of THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER” should also be available at those screenings. (If not, they’re definitely in stores and at Amazon, etc.) Bob Gitt’s presentation, “Charles Laughton Directs…”, is everything Peter says it is, and more. Anyone who loves movies in general or this movie in particular should cancel all plans to see it. (And then buy the book!)

  3. Oops. That reads like a blooper. Of course, I should have written, “cancel all OTHER plans and rush to see it.”

  4. Mark missed it at Glasgow. I missed it at Barcelona a month ago (to quote Chuck Jones’ editor: agony… A-GO-NY!) So I similarly hope to watch it someday in DVD (I’ve forwarded e-mails to MGM-UA and Criterion in and stand fast in the faith of seeing it happen). In the meantime I have “Heaven and Hell to Play with” to read, which is an excellent consolation. Fine book! A real must!

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