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Business Issues and User Experience

At the DUX2003 conference, among the most commonly asked questions dealt with how user experience can better communicate its value to the world of business.

The questions often were of two types: 1. How can I measure my effectiveness? 2. What methods are there to influence others in my organization?

Those two questions are addressed in Adaptive Path workshops offered in Washington, D.C., August 18-21. Specifcally, on the 21st, I will talk about “Tying User Experience to Business Success,” and Janice and Lane will talk about “Managing Design Politics.”

Here’s the outline of my talk:

  • Introduction
    • How are you currently valued at work?
  • Review the literature on user experience and ROI
  • Overview of Basic Product Finance
    • Cash Flows
    • Net Present Value
    • Spreadsheet fun
  • Developing a Metrics Plan
    • User Experience metrics
    • Web metrics
    • Business metrics
    • Tie them all together, and incorporate them into a project process
  • Caveats for Tying User Experience to Business Success
    • Organizational Issues
    • More Organizational Issues
    • Even More Organizational Issues
  • New Frameworks for Considering UX Value

And while I think my talk is pretty good, Janice and Lane’s talk is great. I wasn’t expecting much going in — 4 hours of talking about organizational politics? But they’ve developed a solid workbook that frames the problem in digestible chunks, and incorporates a lot of activities which you can bring back to your company.

And this doesn’t even include August 20th, where Jesse breaks down the Elements of User Experience, and unveils a new way of thinking about web teams, and Jeff tells you what you need to consider before you begin the purchase process for a new CMS.

And if you sign up with the Promotional Code LLY25, you’ll get a 25% discount. That knocks off over $250 a two-day tutorial, taking the cost from $1,095 to $821.

Head here for more info.

  1. (Any bets on whether Peter will erase this comment or not?)

    Aaron’s article is here:

    The best article is here: and summary here:

    My analysis of Mauro’s article here:

    Nielsen/Norman isn’t a credible source, given that they published this:

    Aaron’s article is mostly just an accumulation of various roi claims. The generalizations are often very gross, and never is there any consideration of what is required to get the results claimed.

    I recommend Cost-Justifying Usability over Aaron’s article because of the multiple perspectives and better detail.

  2. I guess I’ll take your bet, Ron. How much and are you giving or taking odds?

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