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Rettig, Steady, Go!

“Interaction Design” is one of those terms that we ‘user experience’ types use that refers to something that *everyone* is familiar with. Marc Rettig makes that clear in his presentation, “interaction design history in a teeny little nutshell” (PDF, 3.2 MB).

Even if you think you know everything about interaction design, you should check out the slides because

  • Marc puts together concepts in a way I hadn’t seen before
  • He presents some new-ish models for thinking about interaction
  • Marc gives great presentation — clean design, excellent illustrations
    1. Interesting presentation, its has an Abraham Maslow-like approach to it, its some thing to nibble at. Thanks for sharing.
      P.S. re: Your website, I like the new makeover.

    2. Thanks for the pointer to Marc Rettig. Interersting mind. Any chance that he’s the son of Tommy Rettig, the actor who played Lassie’s first master (before Timmy)? In his later years, Tom Rettig became a FoxPro/dBase guru and apparently a great guy. He died in 1996 and the only obit I saw said that he left two sons behind.

      Just seems like an interesting lineage if it’s so.

    3. Heh. I’m not related to Tommy. I used to get that question all the time back when I spoke at software development conferences and Tommy was fresher in everyone’s mind. Would be nice, ’cause then I could claim a sort of relationship to Lassie, which would be cool.

      I *am* related to Sam Rettig, who ran a still in the piney woods of East Texas way back in the last century.

    4. Spend a few seconds and think about this: Design is such a powerful concept. Design is not just about aesthetics you know, It interacts so much
      more than what you visually see. It interacts around experiences from different cultures, different usage, different mindsets. It can never be fixed. Innovative and cutting edge design reinvents itself. To go even deeper, it interacts on manufacturing, development, marketing, economies of scale, sales, philosophy, motives, lifestyle and almost what ever you can think of.

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