in needlessly meta

The Blog Is Back is back on line. And while I had all sorts of high-falutin’ thoughts about how I wouldn’t blog again, I kept not getting around to the essay writing and other stuff I thought would take its place. I’m lazy, I guess.

I did, however, accomplish one thing I wanted to do before returning to write peterme. I launched the Beast Blog, a multi-author East Bay regional weblog. I believe that there’s a shining future in regional weblogs. They can be an amazing community resource. Particularly for communities too small to warrant a daily newspaper, but too large to be satisfied by a weekly 4-page newsletter.

And, so’s you know, I’ll be fiddling with for a while, evolving the design, etc. So it might look different every time you return.


  1. Great to see you in Portland Peter – and just as sweet to see your blog back. Cheers!

  2. Welcome back Peter. You have been missed. Looking forward to hearing more from you over the coming months.

  3. what the feck! This is not the bright orange and green furniture I have come to love. Bring back the brightness!

  4. yeah man, this design is organic online circa whenever they went corporate (1999?)…

    bring back the retro look.

  5. there’s beauty in simplicity… don’t sweat the design. I’m just glad you’re back!

  6. It’s nice to see that the East Bay (Beast blog)? is now restricted to Alameda-to-Albany. I guess San Leandro to Milpitas are fucking out of luck, eh?

    Don’t call it what it ain’t if it ain’t

  7. Hi,

    Glad to see the blog back. You might want to modify the design. This seems to be some default MT template. Brad Delong’s journal uses this design, as do some others out there. It makes your site look like any random blogspot diarist.

    cheers, -thomas

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