16 Challenging Steps to Becoming an Experience-Driven Organization

I am speaking at UI13 in a couple of weeks, and have been mulling on what I should talk about. I’ve decided on a talk tentatively titled “16 Challenging Steps to Becoming a Customer-Experience-Driven Organization.” The point being, it’s a slog, and you ought to be prepared for it. The 16 steps come from our work and research at Adaptive Path. Here they are.

Assess your organization’s experience maturity.
Understand people as people.
Execute a quick win.
Evangelize success.
Get an executive sponsor.
Move up the product planning food chain.
Develop an experience strategy.
Communicate that strategy with a clear and compelling vision.
Connect your work to financial outcomes.
Accept accountability.
Thaw the frozen middle.
Choose projects objectively.
Engage in design as an activity.
Think systems, not artifacts.
Deliver the Long Wow.
Do not become a department.