Denver Art Museum’s technology-enabled experiences

At FOO Camp I met Bruce Wyman, the Director of Technology at the Denver Art Museum (He occasionally blogs on the Museum’s site.). For the past few years at UX Week, we’ve had museums (first in D.C., now in SF) share with us how they design for experience. Had I met Bruce a few months ago, I would have definitely invited him to be part of the event, because the work he’s doing is very impressive.

Projects of interest include:
Multi-touch table for exploring art

Select-a-chat, which uses a physical object as an interface to a digital experience (it’s explained here)

Bubbloo, where you pop bubbles projected on a floor to reveal art on the wall (explained here)

Flickr Cascade, where they pull Creative Commons licensed photos of the DAM and show them in an app they wrote that takes advantage of Mac OS X’s Core Animation).

If you’re a total nerd about this stuff, go to Bruce’s YouTube page and follow the links to the DAM Tech Walkthroughs, where he explains the technology and ideas behind the various pieces.