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June 21, 2006

peterme wikipedia contrail

Finally a blog meme I like.

Darin Morgan - writer of three brilliant and one good X-Files episodes
Lesson 3 - hip-hop song (no entry)
Lily Tomlin - American actress, in the current movie A Prairie Home Companion
Robert Osborne - host on Turner Classic Movies (I was trying to see if they at all mentioned why he walks with a limp)
Double Dee and Steinski - innovators of hip-hop and audio and music sampling
Stephen Colbert - Catholic guy with great hair
Truman Capote - American author; short; gay
Martini (cocktail) - just where *did* it originate?
Bastard_pop - another term for what Double Dee and Steinski do, it seems
Ötzi the iceman - Stacy overheard me talk about the website "" and thought I was referring to this archaeological find
Bennett Miller - Directed the movie about Truman Capote
Dickie Goodman - an original bastard pop artist
Millennium (TV series) - from the creator of the X-Files; Darin Morgan wrote for this show, too
Ocean Beach (San Francisco) - doing some history research on Ocean Beach
United States housing bubble - looking for Nigel Holmes' infographics on America's housing debt (never did find it)

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