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March 31, 2006

Astoria, OR - The Good and the Bad

Last night, we stayed in Astoria, OR, after a day of driving from Seattle.

Washington proved a little disappointing to me -- we didn't have the time to head north up the Olympic peninsula, so we headed due West to Aberdeen and then Long Beach, which were just not all that interesting. Though Long Beach did have a killer pinball arcade.

We continued south and found nothing worth stopping at until we got to Astoria. We ate at Gunderson's Cannery Cafe, where I got an excellent Manhattan, and a tasty order of Laksloda -- a Scandinavian preparation of salmon and potatoes. Oh, and the desserts, a berry cobbler and a Pavlova, were divine.

We stayed at a delightful little motel, the Crest, the was dog-friendly (and didn't charge extra for pets!).

We tried to get breakfast at a popular spot in town, the Pig 'n Pancake, but the quality of the coffee and food was *so bad* we couldn't eat it. Avoid at all costs.

It was unfortunate that our last experience in Astoria was so poor, as the rest had been delightful!

(We then proceeded in search of Mist, OR, which we found, but, upon arrival, wondered why we bothered looking. I'm writing from Portland, and we're on our way toward the Cascades, and Crater Lake, shortly.)

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