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Adaptive Path is looking for a CEO

As we’ve just announced over on the Adaptive Path blog, we’re looking for a CEO. Jesse and I aren’t stepping down or anything — we’ll still be Presidents. But we’ve recognized that as the company evolves, and complexifies in interesting ways (more people, more offices, more opportunities), we’d love an experienced hand help us navigate.

I tend to think about it as “What do you geek out to?” When I geek out, it’s to experience design practice, events programming, supporting the team. I don’t geek out to Running A Business. We’re looking for someone who geeks out to Running A Business, and who appreciates the impact that design can bring to the world.

We also figure that we probably know the right person for the job, or we know someone who knows that person, which is why we’ve decided to take the search to the public. If you know of someone, or are that someone, don’t hesitate to email my colleague Bryan at bryan dot mason at adaptivepath dot com.