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UX Week 2008 – New site, impressive schedule

One thing that’s taking much of my time at Adaptive Path is programming our upcoming UX Week 2008 event. I’ve been trying very hard to balance inspiration and information; visions of where we’re headed mixed with practical how-tos.

As such, we’ve got people you’d expect, like Don Norman, Jeffrey Veen, and a coterie of fellow Adaptive Pathers, and then people you might not expect, like Scott Griffith, the CEO of carsharing service Zipcar, alternate reality game designer Jane McGonigal, Wiimote hacker Johnny Lee, human-robot interaction engineer Aaron Powers.

We’re also trying something new, with 2.5-3 hour afternoon workshops on Day 1 and Day 2. Workshops range from skills-building user experience practice around prototyping, design research, and team processes, to slightly out-of-left-field sessions on information visualization, storytelling taught by avant garde thespians, and designing for gestural interfaces like the Wii or iPhone. Priority selection is based on order of registration, so the sooner you register, the greater the likelihood you’ll get to exactly the workshop you want!

Also, it wouldn’t be an Adaptive Path event without a field trip to a museum, and this year we’ve got a doozy — The Exploratorium! We’ll learn about the design of exhibits (and how they consider the visitor experience), and then blow off some steam in their amazing space.

UX Week pricing goes up March 31st, so register now for the best deal. And if you use promotional code FOPM, you’ll get 15% off!