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October Is Conference Time

Two events I’ve had a hand in programming take place this October.

At the beginning of the month (October 4-5) is the IDEA Conference, our second go at an event about the design of complex information spaces of all kinds. Last year’s event was amazing (listen to talks and view presentations here), and this one could possibly be better! We’re doing a lot to emphasize New York City this time around (as it’s our host), and that focus should prove intriguing. Shit, we’ve got someone from 311 speaking!

Then later in the month (October 22-23) is MX East, Adaptive Path’s conference on managing experiences through creative leadership, where we focus on what it takes to get great experiences out into the world (hint: it’s not just great design, nor brilliant strategy). The first MX sold out, and we’re expecting this to do the same. We’ve got an amazing slate of speakers (I’m particularly thrilled by Joshua Wesson, CEO of Best Cellars, a company I’ve been writing about here at for 6 years!), and the event is produced by Procreation Design Works, who produce a little event you may have heard of called TED.

I hope to see you some time in October!