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A Day in San Francisco

Days like yesterday remind me how much I do miss living in San Francisco. I had a day all to myself, with no plans, so I headed to SF, and biked around. I’ve drawn out the bike route on Community Walk, and am embedding it here:

CommunityWalk Map – October 14, 2006 Bike Ride

It was a very good day. Highlights include:

  • glazed raised at Bob’s Donuts — still the best in the city
  • banh mi at Baguette Express — I liked the ham and head cheese, but the pate made my mouth taste like ass
  • Hayes Green — the new park on Octavia Blvd and Hayes Street is a true community treasure; Jeff, Julie, Lane, Courtney, and Niall provided the camaraderie
  • Propeller — a furniture store I’d never been in, and immediately wanted to plonk down $$thous$and$ of dollar$
  • Frjtz — back patio with a good book, a cone of fries, and a belgian ale (Affligem); this is about as good as it gets
  • Cafe La Onda — I hadn’t known it was no longer Macondo; also it was closing forever the very next day; spent 2 hours shooting the shit with Mike, Liz, and Maya, all great company
  • Dosa — Mysore Dosa! And good chatting with Judith
  • The Homestead — I must admit, I’m sad that this place is no longer Dylan’s (which was my local when I lived in the neighborhood); still this place is very pleasant, and has Fullers on draft

    Such a simple day. I had no plans to meet anyone before I came in. Those I did hang out with were coordinated either on a lark via SMS, or, almost literally, running into them on the sidewalk (hi Mike!). Such happenstance is very much a part of SF magic. I could do it every weekend.