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Content Management Workshop – January 25

On January 25th, Jeff and I will be presenting a workshop on getting the most out of your current (or planned) content management system.

We’ll be doing it here in San Francisco, at the new Adaptive Path office.

It should be a great event, and I can guarantee it will be chock full of useful information about handling the organizational politics of content management, how get people to think of content in a structured, and thus manageable way, the futility of much of what the big CMS vendors sell, etc.

In many ways, this is as much of an information architecture workshop as it is a content management workshop. (We believe that content management is, in large part, an information architecture issue). We’ll be addressing content models, taxonomies, facets, metadata of various sorts, etc.

This is a hands-on workshop, so there will be many activities to ensure that what you hear sinks in.

We have early registration that ends December 27th – save $50!