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Yer Adaptive Path Update

Apologies for having so little to offer. Work has become a little… nutty (in a good way!), and I haven’t had time to think and write.

In lieu, some pointers to stuff we got going on at Adaptive Path.

Redesigning Blogger, a one-day workshop where Doug Bowman and Jeff Veen step you through how they redesigned Blogger to better explain the message, encourage registration, and do so while looking good.

Additionally, 37Signals is offering their workshop, Building of Basecamp, an in-depth look at the development of their leading-edge project management tool.

Use the discount code APDC to receive 10% off either or both days.

In other news, Scott got “Web Design: ROI Is Not a Silver Bullet” published on It’s very similar to what he wrote for the Adaptive Path site, though with some smart introductory text for a UX-unaware audience. Most cool is that we’re getting the value of user experience word out to the more business and tech press.