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Things Worth Reading, March 28

“Looking Offshore: Outsourced UCSF notes highlight privacy risk – How one offshore worker sent tremor through medical system”, SF Chronicle.
Investigative reporting showing how the management of sensitive medical information is being outsourced overseas. Bits of it read like a good detective story.

“The staggering price of world’s best research”, SF Chronicle.
All about how journal publishers, namely Elsevier, exploit the free labor of academics for exceeding corporate gain, at the very expense of those same academics. It’s only a matter of time before these scholarly journals move online and become much cheaper (if not free). And good thing, too. The arrogance of these assholes is startling.
[I wrote about this a bit back, “As Goes The Typewriter Repairmen…”]


“A City is Not a Tree”, by Christopher Alexander. I hadn’t realized this essay was online. It’s one of my favorites from the very hard-to-find ZONE 1/2.
One of my new favorite websites. Similar to Google News, except with an overlaying of personalization that seems to work pretty good. It’s now a regular in my morning reading.

“Caring for Your Introvert”, The Atlantic Online.