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What is that line about “So Many Books…”?

One of the best things about speaking at the UI Conference is that the event hotel is across the street from the MIT Press Bookstore. I pretty much never buy books new, but it’s an amazing place to browse. While there, I added a few things to the ol’ wish list:

Radiant Cool, Dan Lloyd.The author presents a theory of consciousness — in the guise of a detective novel. Sure it’s a gimmick, but it seems pretty damned cool.

Rules of Play, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman. Breaking down the DNA of what makes games games. A thick, well-designed book, chock full of, well, everything about game design. (It doesn’t cost $49.99 for nothing!) I’m familiar with Eric Zimmerman’s work and writing (he founded GameLab.) Katie Salen is new to me.
Eric and Katie will be talking about their work in 11 days in NYC.

Small Things Considered, Henry Petroski. Goddamn Professor Petroski. He keeps writing books on fascinating topics. Yet I’ve never found his prose very engaging. So while I always learn interesting stuff, it’s always a bit of a slog to get through his material. With his latest, he dissects design in everyday life, and why no designed thing is ever perfect.

  1. I want the lazyweb to build you a button for your site that says “put all the books peter has mentioned in this post on my wishlist to so I can pretend I am as smart as him”. It should all fit on a button if it’s done in 7pt Silkscreen.

    “Small things considered” sounds rocking.

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