Brief Film Review: I Am Legend

Resoundingly mediocre. The movie was made because we now have the technology for a convincing and interesting abandoned Manhattan. Such shots in the trailer draw you into the film, which, sadly, isn’t able to deliver much more than that.

Driving home, I shared with Stacy my frustration that, because this was a big budget Hollywood film, it sadly couldn’t be darker, and thus more interesting. I’ve never read the original novel, but this film review (which spoils the novel, but not the movie), showed me that the novel’s author recognized the importance of a truly dark and twisted scenario in order to make the story honestly compelling. Instead, the writers play it safe with cliched monsters, mindless battles, and an ending with redemption and hope.

By far, the best post-apocalyptic film about a loner and his hound is the 1975 cult classic A Boy and His Dog, starring a pre-famous Don Johnson. It’s a remarkably twisted story, and definitely worth seeing on DVD and listening to the director’s commentary track.

3 thoughts on “Brief Film Review: I Am Legend

  1. Just seeing the LEGEND poster made me want to screen A BOY AND HIS DOG again.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I went to see it based on the trailers, and based on hope that it was more than a rehash of Soylent Green and its ilk. Now I know better.

    Completely agree, too about Don Johnson’s early “masterpiece.” The ending alone is worth the price of the time to watch the movie. Not exactly a feel-good heroic tale.

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