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I’m honored to have a feature posted to Core77, a leading design site. Called “Experience is the product”, it’s a cogent articulation of thoughts that have been batted around here and over on the AP Blog for a while. It’s about how when we take an experiential approach to design, we end up moving away from standalone products, toward services where “products” are simply interfaces to a larger system. Working with Allan Chochinov, Core77 editor, has been great, and I’m really happy with how he’s presented the piece. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Published in Core77 – The Industrial Design SUPERSITE

  1. Wow. You definitely sucked me in with this article – I am in the process of buying a new mobile phone, and analysing my responses to it – in other words, my user experience.
    This isn’t my field (design, interface, etc) but you wrote so simply and straightforwardly -you really caught my interest in these issues – I appreciate it!

  2. […] Peter Merholz has an article on Core 77, Experience IS the Product… and the only thing users care about. This is a good summary of Peter’s “stop designing products” admonition. […]