peterme’s 2007 US tour

In the next few months, I’m traveling all around North America:

Next week (Feb 19-23): Minneapolis, MN
March 9-13: Austin, TX (for South by Southwest)
March 22-26: Las Vegas (for the IA Summit)
April 12-14: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (for CapCHI)
April 15-20: New York, NY (networking and Gel Conference)
May 17 (and probably time around it): Atlanta, GA (for Atlanta CHI)
August 14-17 (or so): Washington, D.C. (UX Week)

If you are in these places, and we should meet, email me (peterme AT peterme DOT com)!

3 thoughts on “peterme’s 2007 US tour

  1. Doh! I just realized from talking to my boss that you were at my work yesterday, and I totally missed it. You were talking to my manager while I was 2 cubes away, and I assumed he was talking to this other manager guy who looks surprisingly similar to you from behind. Ah well.

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