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Autism activism

Over on metafilter was a link to In My Language, a video of an autistic woman’s expression and interaction with her environment. The video’s creator, Amanda Baggs, appears to be active in Autism causes.

Watching this video reminded me of a fascinating feature on CBC Radio’s science program, Quirks and Quarks, titled “Rethinking Autism.”. In it, you’ll hear of how an autistic person, Michelle Dawson, has been collaborating with a cognitive neuroscientist, Laurent Mottron, to explore the subject of autism. Listening to Dawson forces you to accept a radical new perspective on autism, it’s nature, and how it should be addressed. Needless to say, it lead to a firestorm of protest on the part of CBC listeners.

Anyone curious about autism owes it to themselves to watch Amanda’s video and listen to Dawson’s discussion. The discussion attached to the metafilter post, which includes comments from Amanda (slientmiaow) is worthwhile, too.

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