Why my participation on this site, and mailing lists, and other places, is currently light

I have my fingers in many pies.

For Adaptive Path

  • Leading a Big Client project (strategy, research, design)
  • Separately, managing a team of 5 practitioners
  • Adjunct role on an internal redesign team
  • Adjunct role on an internal brand team
  • Planner of weekly brownbags
  • Attend management meetings
  • Putting together plans for a book
  • Advising on our UX Week workshop
  • Getting increasingly involved with company oversight
  • Assisting with our consulting sales process
  • Assist with specific sales opportunities
  • Assisting with our project staffing
  • Talk to and vet potential contractors
  • Attend recruiting days at key schools
  • “Develop the practice” — whatever that means

    For the IA Institute

  • Weekly board meetings
  • Develop a business plan
  • Plan a major fall conference

    Other things

  • Speaking at the IA Summit
  • Moderating a panel at South by Southwest
  • Write a column for the ASIS&T journal
  • Conduct an extended conversation with GK Van Patter at NextD
  • Figuring out the right messages to get invited to speak at other conferences
  • Buying a car (#368)
  • Working with my parents to buy them a house

    Things I’m not doing

  • Laundry
  • Yard work
  • House cleaning
  • Financial planning and management
  • Overseeing work on the house (new back deck, build out the attic)
  • Engaging with my neighborhood associations
  • I’m sure there are other things. . .

  • 2 thoughts on “Why my participation on this site, and mailing lists, and other places, is currently light

    1. Looks like you’re swamped and immersed in interesting stuff (and not, with respect to the “things you’re ‘not doing'” – I like that).

      I was reading your blog, and thought you (and your readers) might be interested in the upcoming Semantic Technology conference. You can check out their page at http://www.semantic-technology.com
      I think it is going to bring together a lot of interesting people and material. You can use the discount code STEH to save $100 on top of saving another $100 if you register before Feb 7.