What If I Ditch the Olive?

My latest post to the Beast Blog is worth mentioning here:

The neighborhood playground:
No Drinking?

I find it odd that the martini glass (with olive!) is the universal symbol for alcohol. Particularly because the folks at whom this sign is directed are likely drinking something that has it’s own identifiable silhouette.

3 thoughts on “What If I Ditch the Olive?

  1. I see that Berkeley has extended its restrictive Municipal Code reach far beyond its borders, declaring “No Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages… outside these premises.”

    Excuse me while I sneak a little drink down here in L.A.

  2. peter, how stereotypical of you. people drinking 40′s in playgrounds? the next thing you’ll be telling me is that gary coleman is running for governor… bwahahahaha! i love new york.

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